Feb. 24, 2006

Brand New Start

I've received a lot of comments about my old blog over at tbaytel. "Why didn't you post my long rambling diatribe?" "Why don't you include permalinks, RSS, this that and the other?" "Get with the times already." Nicest thing anyone said was Buddhadhamma magazine calling my blog "quirky." OK, so here goes a new beginning. I'm trying out the blogger.com system to see how it flies. You can add your own comments directly, and will have grounds to gripe if I delete them. The posts are supposed to automatically archive themselves and there are all kinds of other neat gimmicks, I should say, features.

I don't see an easy way (as yet) to archive the previous posts - I've got them all on disk and could put them up as a stand-alone archive if anyone is interested.

This new start is part of a general revamp of the Arrow River site as we have finally gotten our own domain name: www.arrowriver.ca This is the fourth url we've had, and it should be the last - we can always move it over to a new host now without changing the address.

Anyone, how do you like the white on black minimalist look?


Anders Honoré said...


you could archive the posts on the old blog here with the old-fashioned copy and paste of each individual article. blogger.com allows you to edit the time and date of blogposts so they could match the original dates here as well-

Tom said...

This is great. But it is a little weird; I am accustomed to and attached to your old, quirky blog more than I thought.

But it is good to move on. You are like Picasso leaving his Blue Period, exploring something new and refreshing: Your Black Period, perhaps.

It will be interesting to see if commenters' quotation marks "curl." Hmmm. As soon as I submit this comment, I will know.

Anonymous said...

I think reading white on black is hard on the eyes. I also don't like centred text because it is harder to read. grumpf.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above - it is difficult to read. There is another template which is exactly the same as your current one but the background is white.
Also you should turn on 'comment modertaion' as this will mean each person who leaves a comment has to complete a word verfication. This stops spammers.

Phil K. said...

grumpf 2. Pursuant to my earlier comment I spent several hours last night reading printouts from various internet news clearinghouses. The format that caught my eye as clearest to read was that of Alternet. A serif type and ragged right edge are known to increase readability. Also the moderately wide side borders make the text attractive. A clear title, author, posting date, and URL at the article's head are also valuable features, as is a font size that is large enough so as to not require excessive concentration, and small enough that the page approximates the appearance of a book--that time-refined medium. A blog, though, that's a little different, but the principles of clear legibility remain the same.

Anonymous said...

i find the white on black hard to read. Thanks for your efforts.