Apr. 7, 2006

Don't Kill the Cute Ones

Pop-quiz; which one is cuter? Which one suffers more at the hands of man? Which one do you give a damn about?
Let's face it, there's a world of hypocrisy surrounding this whole seal-hunting business. Agreed, it's horrid and barbaric and unneccessary and should be banned. But I can't help wondering why there isn't a hundredth part of the outrage over the much crueler practises of modern factory-farming.

Did you know that pigs are the most intelligent mammals outside of the primates? If you have the stomach for it here's a video clip of where your morning bacon comes from. Real hell-realm stuff. You can also check out this piece by Mark Morford on the seal-hunt double-standard. If you're not familiar with his work, he's one of the cleverest and wittiest columnists out there. A modern Swift.

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