Dec. 13, 2006


(This has some relevance to the point of my argument in the post below)

What do you think the crowd reaction would be at a meeting of an Academy of Scientists if a speaker made a presentation arguing that the solution to the ecological crisis ought to be killing off ninety percent of humans with air-borne Ebola?

OK, it was in Texas, but still...


Ben 8) said...

70% of the humans live at sea level. Won't take much more heating
up to do the job will it? Just lower the price of gas and suv's and that should do it.

Anonymous said...

Pianka hammered his point home by exclaiming, “We're no better than bacteria!” (speaking to a group of Texas scientists).

Well, you can't argue with reason!

The very obvious but missed humor in this article (which he underlines himself in his speach!):
1) if you wish to reduce the demand on the planet made by a species that is no better than bacteria, then you kill off the
biggest consumers of those resources first.
2) What he left out: Ebola kills 90% of humans. The remaining (and very angry) 10% control nuclear missiles and other weapons of massively stupid destruction.

Dr. Doom was saying that the species cannot be saved from extinction. Because of this next point:
You don't have to be a super-power to spark the engine of extinction. A single person (like himself) could do it if they were really fatalistic. One scientist, one airplane.

In his own words (my asterisks): "He replied that Ebola does not discriminate, kills everyone and could spread to *Europe and the the Americas* by a *single* infected airplane passenger."

Europe and the Americas = biggest consumer of resources. *single (person)* = one scientist (like himself!)

So, Dr. Doom was saying: Americans are soon going to get killed off with airborne Ebola, launch their missiles, chemical weapons, biological weapons and that's it - game over.

And for that, he got a standing ovation in *Texas*. ROFL.

Dr. Doom was trying to provoke a single one of all of those tens of thousands of scientists in the world who are not really happy with the way things are going? (He was too chicken to do it himself while getting his organs dissolved very painfully? He had too much surveillance? Who knows...)

I think that he failed. In my opinion, what I call 'the stochastics' are all contrarians. Nobody tells them what to do! (Whew!). But I might be wrong. In today's world of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Dumbness), it only takes (12T) one to tango.

Kesi Sutta.

peace from


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