Jan. 10, 2007

Will they Greet them with Flowers This Time?

So President Bush will be speaking to his nation tonight, ignoring his own Baker Commission, the American Congress, the American Public, the whole damned world not to mention common sense let alone decency and ordering a "surge" of troops into Iraq. Let's just hope the Democrats have enough courage and integrity to fight this madness.

And don't forget that Iran is still in the neo-con cross-hairs either.


Sunyata said...

You are right-on in your assessment. "Shock and Awe" ...his ignorance and cowboy politics continue on. How do those who voted for him not once but twice live with their conscience?
I truly believe that the Democrats are trying their best and at least they 'hear' the voices of the people but a great struggle remains until bush is gone from office.
Excellent Blog Bhikkhu.

Anonymous said...

sxdfmvziDear Venerable Punnadhammo;

You seem to spending considerable time on world politics. World politics have not changed for millenium(s) - eon(s).

Something else is bothering me. I go to a monastery for dhamma. To retreat from the *ignore*-ance of the world.

Do you know that the Christian churches (for a few centuries??) actually banned possession of the Bible? It was a heinous crime for a Christian to own a Bible.

Do you know that there are now Forest Tradition Monks who post about politics? A fine monk once said: monks should stay out of politics.

Is the world doomed without your posts? Maybe. I doubt it. But maybe.

Will the world *ignore*-ance you without your posts on politics?

Jesus said (and you know that I am very convinced that the Buddha wasn't just making it all up just to please the crowd...) Let the dead bury their dead.

I will be happy when this blog contains the double-barrelled opinions of Venerable Punnadhamma (0.0) and Venerable Punnadhamma is only sharing quotes from the Buddha himself.

After all, his name is Bhikkhu Punnadhammo (whatever that means ??!)

Kemi Sutta - round 2.

peace from;


And: your blog only works under Internet Explorer - the finest piece of spyware on Earth. Even the new Firefox 2.x can't allow feedback. Post my opinions freely? I used to say that the best slave is the slave who thinks that he is free (debt slaves, wage slaves, slaves of compassionate [sic] violence and media/mind control). I now say this: The best slave is the slave who thinks that he is using free software from Microsoft and Google and Yahoo. Perhaps this blog isn't the best idea you've ever had - from the point of view of yourself, the feedback posters and the dhamma? Just a question worth 0.0?

Anonymous said...


There is nothing that Christians want more, with all their little Christian hearts, than Armageddon.

It is the day (according to the Bible) that all good Christians through all of time are reborn and will enjoy *forever* their

lovely state of grace in the kingdom of heaven. At least, that is the way their dogma interpreters are selling the words of the Bible to them. Big time, for centuries.

Now, as a spiritual person: who wrote that? Who's words express that? Does that sound like Jesus ("turn the other cheek") talking? Who literally voted to have the book of Revelation included in the Bible?

If you want to understand geo-politics today, then I would suggest that this is the question to ask.

Because it is the *burning desire* for Armageddon that can explain the very obvious and undeniable stupidity of Christians as expressed through their investments, words and actions in this world.

Do you know why Christians believe that women have a soul? It was voted on. By one single vote (and history suggests very lobbied vote...), women got the right right have a soul.

Do you know why Christians do *not* believe that past lives exist (as if you pop out into the world like pop-tart or piece of toast, live and then die forever)? The question was defeated by 2 votes.

Where did I get this 'top secret' info? From Ajahn Brahmavamso in a dhamma talk that is on the web and then by verifying it on the web.

So, like the spoon wants to taste the soup, Christians work hard and with all their little Christian hearts for their blessed and beloved Armageddon. As much as Buddhists want to taste enlightement, Christians want to taste Armageddon.

Sounds wild and dangerous, except for one little detail that Christians ("eat the animals and wear their hides if you can") seem to ignore in their own teaching.

The four horsemen ride horses.

Have you ever noticed something about the 4 horsemen of Armageddon?

They ride horses. Do you know anything about horses?

I think that this is the deepest, the most obscure and the single most important teaching in the Bible: The four horsemen - ride horses.

Horses are amazing creatures. That is why I might suggest the Armageddon might not be so dangerous or onerous or annoying as the Christians would like to believe. Because: according to Buddhist teachings, those horses earned their right to be the horses of the 4 horsemen. The obvious question : how did those horses earn that right?

The Buddhist answer : those horses died defending the betrayed. In our lifetime, the poor are literally the betrayed. So, what poor man has something to fear from those horses? According to the way that I personally read the matter (and I might very well be very wrong...) the poor have nothing at all to fear from the horses. The Christians want the poor of the world trampled and annihilated by those horses (um, justly [sic] punished and disposed of according to their own thinking), but not one of those horses will ever do that. At least, that is the way I read this teaching.

Armageddon is about the rich, not the poor. It is about the horses (and not their skinny little riders), just as the Sultan's horses in the 12th century could literally ride into a challenging army without touching agressively a single enemy for tens of meters (it was amazing!), the horses of Armageddon will ride over this world without harming a single good or *betrayed* person.

Those horses are horses who died defending their *betrayed riders*. Who would be so ignorant as to fear a horse like that?

Here they come? I'm not certain that the Christians will be happy. As the saying goes : be careful what you wish for, because that is what you're going to get - with all of its (oops...) bells and whistles and perfected horses.

Is there anything in the words of the Buddha about Armageddon, end of the world and the justice of the reincarnated horses of the Sultans?

Have a real nice day and peace from