Feb. 2, 2007

Tech Alert: Vista and other Malware

For those interested in such things;

Some alarming reports have been surfacing about the degree of remote snooping and control Microsoft has built into the new Windows Vista operating system. It is top heavy with "Security" features (I'm learning to really distrust that word in general) which don't protect your computer or your files but protect copy-right holders of so-called "premium content."
Seems they can even shut down your whole OS from remote if the software their end thinks you are copying or using copied data.

See this article for an explanation; Is Vista both garbage and dangerous?

1 comment:

blondel93 said...

Why not get an Apple. OS X (Tiger) is great. I have been running it for a while. Never any virus, male-ware, trojan horses, freeze ups, etc. Those who continue to use MS need to rethink their reasons. Are they holding on the MS out of habit? To to any Apple store. Try out an Apple computer. Life is too short to use MS.