Jun. 10, 2007


I'm still having trouble logging in here; I need to "recover my password" every single time. Something is screwed up and I don't know what. I got some advice in an email from one of the readers here, a reference to a web-site that talks about Blogspot's software is incorrectly flagging some blogs as spam. I don't think that's the problem. Anyway, I'm working on it.

BTW, I hadn't heard of spam blogs before.

On another issue, one of the comments took mild umbrage at my decision to go to moderated posting. Sorry about that, I don't particularly like it either, but we had a serious problem here a while back with extremely nasty posts and even threats. To re-iterate, I will only ban posts that are abusive or obscene, never just because they disagree with me. (Otherwise known as "being wrong.")


Barry said...

could you post on 'rebirth' re your comments agreeing with 'onemind' at 'thebuddhawaswrong.com' I would be interested to read more of your view on this matter since you place a particular emphasis on it and it is a seeming point of agreement between you and the owner of the anti-Buddhist website.
Many thanks

anonyrod said...

Letting go should fix the problem.

I would have to agree with the anonymous poster who recommended letting go.

One of The Buddha’s original considerations was whether or not to teach, as he realized that very few people would understand his message. He also used logic to introduce Buddhism to people, but the understanding of unsatisfactoriness, impermanence and no self is key to its development. If people cannot see this then no amount of words are going to make any difference.

If we understand the ‘evolution of perception’ then we can also see that science itself is dogma (why make an airplane when it is possible to travel instantly without check-ins, customs, or buying tickets, and why invent a telephone when you can speak to people over vast distances without one). Admittedly, modern Buddhism claims a ‘scientific’ foundation in its teachings, but this is merely an attractive approach used to introduce Buddhism to modern minds.

As for thinking that The Buddha was wrong, who cares; as a former student of logic I am aware that you can use logic to prove anything at all, no matter how ridiculous.

The Buddha used a different syntax of understanding, but even he was aware that the power of words is extremely limited when it comes to metaphysical knowledge. He pointed out the nature of existence that is the same for all of us, even if you are a material scientist; and even if he had never existed the reality of this nature would still be the same, Dukkham, Aniccam, Anatta.

water_rj07 said...

Good day!!!!

Could you post on how does Buddhism being manifested in Buddhists' social life on their intellectual, psychological and emotional condition and its effects in their present social condition?

Please answer this, I wasn't able to find answers for this.

A lot of thanks!!!...