Oct. 23, 2008

We're back

The long hiatus from blogging was due to more than my usual procrastination. I have been computer-less for the last two months after an unfortunate incident involving a cup of coffee and an inexcusable lapse of mindfulness. Sorry about that.


M@ said...

Welcome back! I've missed your writing.
Cheers from sunny, yet cold, western Washington State.

Wave255 said...

welcome back from new york as well! very interesting commentaries.

Philip Kienholz said...

Glad to see you back. It was a long time of checking and finding only "Faint Glimmers" to provide your Buddhist take on events. Much appreciated.

Online Money Maker said...

I had a similar lack of mindfulness around a cup of boiling hot coffee on 25th October, but it was my foot that suffered the consequences not the computer. I strongly advise not placing hot beverages in places where they can fall onto your foot. Much pain and three weeks of nasty blisters and the inability to walk anyway further than 10 yards away may result. :-) Vic