May 21, 2009

Life of the Buddha

An excellent BBC production on the Life of the Buddha. Very well done.

Here is the YouTube page where you can watch the remaining segments;

Life of the Buddha

Quite a fine piece of work; the presentation of the Buddha's teachings is sympathetic and accurate, the look and feel of the dramatic scenes are believable.

Any points of criticism I could make border on hair-splitting. For instance, I don't think the Buddha on his return to Kapilavastu would have bowed to Yasodhara. And I did spot one anachronism; Prince Siddhattha riding a horse with stirrups.


That Guy said...

Dear Ajhan,

I saw in the movie that non of the bhikhus, as well as the Buddha itself, have hair.

Therefore, I wonder- why do Bhikkhus shave their hair?

That Guy said...

I'm sorry- I meant that the bhikkhus in the movie do not shave their heads- o they have hair...

Jayarava said...

Seems like the vide has been removed due to breaching the terms of use.

Shelly Smith said...

Well said..
Shelly Smith
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Unknown said...

As lay devotees of Ajarn Brahm from Asia, we are angered and dissappointed with the Bikkunis Ordination in Bodhiyana Monastery(difficult to restrain our emotions towards this issue but to blog it to release our emotions and "let go").

(Responding to an Aussie's comment in Ajarn Sujato's blog)

Ajahn Brahm was legally ordained in the Thai Forest Monastery (Wat Pa Pong aka WPP) by the late Ajarn Chah under the Thai theravada tradition in Thailand and not by the Australian Government.

Don't make WPP stupid.

Ajarn Brahm used the Ajarn Chah's reputation & teachings & meditation method to establish his monastery in Perth and claim to be his own teachings & method.The fact is he is still Ajarn Chah's disciple not Lord Buddha's disciple as he now claims to be, no matter what happens (Lord Buddha did not ordained Ajarn Brahm, he practiced Lord Buddha's path & follow his teachings patiently taught by the late Ajarn Chah). How can that changed now? How can Ajarn Brahm not admit he is Ajahn Chah's disciples while he took refuge in Wat Pa Pong? (If you are from Oxford University,you are from Oxford University, how can one deny that?)

Who took care of Ajarn Brahm in Thailand??? Where did he take refuge in Thailand(definitely not his mum or Australian Govt or Australian Buddist Association?)

It's sick to hear that Ajahn Brahm's leadership is legalized by the Australian Authority and not by the Thai Sangh or WPP(make us all want to phew, for this ungrateful statement and Ajarn Brahm's attitude now for his ungratefulness & arrogance).

Very suspicious about the Bikkunis ordination (it is all about politics,power and big money). Isn't IT?

csowell said...

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