Jul. 29, 2010

Pali Tutor Upgrage

Thanks to the useful feedback, I've made some changes to the Pali Tutor. The vocabulary module now accepts direct keyboard input, including the use of the Return key to initiate "Check Answer." You can still use the Pali Keypad if you prefer, or if you are not set up to type Unicode. I've also added a couple more drills to the Declension module. Coming next: more vocabularies.


Nyiti (Gabor) said...

Cool! Getting better!

daniel said...

Very good. I have been looking for exactly this sort of application, Ajahn Punnadhammo.

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yuttadhammo said...


Looks like you put some work into this... not sure if this is welcome, but I adapted your noun declension code to make it a little easier to use, all in one html package so no reloading. Also, it does auto velthuis-to-unicode conversion so no need for onscreen keyboard. The code is here:


It picks a random paradigm each time you click "New", and remembers if/when you complete one (until you reload the page). The script is located here:


if you want to check out what I did. Maybe it will give you some ideas. Have you looked at the Digital Pali Reader? It has a multiple choice vocab quiz with the entire CPED loaded into it.


Best wishes,


aisha said...

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