Nov 3, 2006

American Election

Let me risk a prediction;

The Republicans will win narrow victories in both houses after some amazing (one might almost say unbelievable) turnarounds. The talking heads will blather for a week or so on various theories about how all the polls could be just so damn wrong. Go figger.

Then some celebrity will get involved in some weird sex thing and everybody will forget about it.

(Hope I'm wrong)


Unknown said...

No, no, no. You're going to be wrong. It'll be a thumpin', jumpin' Demo splendorama.

The Democrats will flip the majority in the House leading by thirty seats instead of in the minority by thirty seats.

In the Senate, I would guess the Democrats will fall one seat short as the race-card TV ad in Tennessee will have succeeded at scaring white southern voters to think that Harold Ford is jonsing for white women.

Electronic voting isn't universal yet. The Republicans will wait till that happens, and then they'll start winning with 100% of the vote. And then, in the dead of night, they'll sell the country to China with Republican politicians earmarked for a 15% commission.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell ya. I voted early yesterday, and the machine I was on kept erasing the pages. I was told to keep trying, push harder, push lighter, use a different finger, etc, etc. Another machine on the end of the row crashed completely and could not be fixed. Then we had a blackout in the afternoon for 3 hours, so nobody would have been able to vote then. If something isn't fishy, then I'm smelling tuna for no good reason.

But I'll keep as much of an optimistic outlook as I can. Every finger crossed that our collective kammas don't keep us in this one aspect of political hell for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Having become quite a political junkie since 2004 and especially in the last few months, all things (polls, blogs) point to a Democratic House (modest 15-25 seats or flood 35-45 seats). Senate we'll miss probably by a seat or two.

I agree with tom above that the electronic voting machines are not universal.

One day at a time guys.

Unknown said...

Yes, but Richard, your problem might have to do with the fact that you voted four days early and your voting place is in a fish shop.

Maybe if you had voted on Election Day things might have gone better.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're closer than you might think. The polling office for my district is in between a chinese restaurant and a mexican mini-mart.

I thought my torment would be over, but I'm still getting all those robotic political phone calls! Aarggh!

Unknown said...

It's lookin like I guessed just about right. It was a 30 vote flip in the House [tho some contests are yet to be finalized], and I was one vote off with my Senate guess.

Having stayed up, watchin' the tallies gather on Election night, it seems like a miracle that the Dems took the Senate.

O Happy Day.