Dec 29, 2006

Laser Buddhas for Bamiyan

A Japanese artist is going to replace the stone Buddhas of Bamiyan with laser projections.

Over 140 laser systems installed 500m,1km and 5km in distance from the Bamiyan hills will project multiple layers of original Yamagata Buddha images drawn in striking colors.
The laser images will be projected for 2 hours after sunset, once or twice a week.
The laser systems built specifically for this installation will shoot long range green beams and short range multiple color beams, designed to create a striking contrast to the purplish red hue of the Bamiyan sunset and the black mountain shadows. The energy used by the laser systems will be produced by environmental friendly windmills and solar power plants. The power produced is also meant to provide light and electricity for the people of Bamiyan.
LINK - Bamiyan Laser Buddha Project.

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