Feb 11, 2007

Just a Few Cool Links

This is pretty good tool for contemplation of impermanence; time-lapse video of a decomposing piglet.

This one illustrates something very important about perception. It's really worth a look. Follow the instructions on the introduction page.

This one was going viral before CBS pulled it off YouTube (coincidence? I think not.) But good viral videos never die and this page is still up (for now.) Andy of Mayberry vs. the Patriot Act. See what America used to be.

An excellent think piece from the NY Review of Books on why America thinks it's special. (No, wise guy, not like the kids who go to the other school in the "special" bus)

Finally, yet more Microsoft bashing (hey they're a big target and easy to hit). BBSpot's Windows Vista installation flow-chart.


Anonymous said...

re: gorilla

I think the guy's interpretations and extrapolations from what people get out his experiment are a bit of a stretch. His final point abut created perceptions in society is valid but it's not really demonstrated by his experiment, rather, it's like reasoned in reverse; he had a point to make and this experiment was the best he could come up with to demonstrate it, sort of.

They do a better job on this point over at adbusters.com IMHO :-)

Anonymous said...

Admit it, you're just sore because you didn't see the gorilla

Unknown said...

My four year old saw the gorilla and came very close to getting the number of passes right.