Jun 13, 2008

Faint Glimmers

The world scene looks pretty grim. Let's face it, this millenium hasn't exactly got off to a good start. We were supposed to get monoliths on Jupiter, not planes crashing into skyscrapers. Wars, rumours of more wars, creeping police-state fascism ("war against terra"), not to mention failing ecologies and crashed economies. And the political leadership, and even the opposition, in most countries right now seems pretty dreadful.

But there are a few brave souls out there.

No more comment, but three links.

CANADA - petition to re-open the 9/11 investigation read into the parliamentary record.
USA - Cindy Sheehan running against Nancy Pelosi in San Fran.
BRITAIN - Senior Tory MP resigns to force by-election on civil liberties issue. (They really need it there, bad.)

Good on you to these three.


Robert said...

I think this view sort of depends on how much you limit your scope. Compared to the situation in WW2, the world still looks pretty good, insofar as the world can be good anyway.

Often people compare the current state of the world with how they imagine it should be, or how they think it would be if certain conditions were true, but I always wonder if their vision is realistic in terms of cause-and-effect and if they should also compare with previous times in history.

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