Nov 20, 2008

Your Brain on Blogs

A kind of cool time-waster at lets you analyze the personality of a blog writer by submitting the url. Part of the results is presented as an image showing which parts of the brain are dominant for the writer. Here's mine;

The same site has two more similar features;

Gender Analyzer uses software to guess the gender of a blog writer (I apparently have an 81% likelihood of being male)

and OFaust which takes any submitted text and tells you which classic writers it most resembles (I have a low similarity to Goethe and Poe)

But don't take any of this too seriously. The Gender Analyzer has results just slightly above random guessing.


Konchog said...

Oh, venerable, thanks a lot. Dual blows to the ego: my blog is least connected to spirituality ("The Mechanic") and my writing apparently bears "a slight resemblance" to that of Nietzsche!

bathmate said...