Sep. 27, 2006

Changing Seasons

Some recent pictures around Arrow River, the fall colours are very good this year. Soon enough the trees will be bare.


Anonymous said...

How pleasant! Santikaro came to our Sangha this week and mentioned the new place in the wilderness he is establishing out west. This and your establishment are kicking up the \'go west young man\' craving in my nascent practice. Though I know I must stay put for now, your photos feed my fantasy. Metta for your day today, Mudita for your situation, Karuna for the falling leaves, Upekkha!

Richard said...

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. I can't wait to see follow up pictures of these same areas under the winter snows. I always find such changes dramatic and truly mind-opening. Thank you for sharing.

"James" said...

GORGEOUS!!!! STUNNING!!!! Thank-you for posting them.