Sep. 28, 2006

China and Organ Harvesting

There have been allegations for some time now that China systematically harvests and sells the organs of executed prisoners. Thousands of Falun Gong practioneers have been "disappeared" and this may have been their fate.

The BBC has done an undercover investigation that adds a lot of credibility to these rumours;
See the clip on Raw Story. Also check out these telephone transcripts from an earlier independent investigation. In the interests of even-handedness, here's the Chinese Embassy's weasel-worded denial.


Richard said...

I find it hard to even imagine the reasoning behind these acts. Even if the government is being truthful in their denial (highly doubtful!), aren't the activities expansive enough to warrant a full investigation?

Anonymous said...

A related article/video, from SkyNews: China's Execution Buses.

Anonymous said...

As with everything in China, it's a bit more blatant than in the West, but not really much more brutal if you pause to reflect on it for a moment.

American jails and hospitals also harvest organs from dead inmates and executed prisoners; and there is indeed a for-profit bidding system that operates in the U.S. (and Canada) for everything from the tissues of aborted foetuses to harvested organs to foreskins removed from infants.

The difference is that in the west (1) we don't talk about it, and (2) we don't admit that our prisoners are "political prisoners". We have an illusion called "crime" that is presumed to be something more real, prior to, and separate from, political persecution.