Sep. 27, 2006

Speculative Physics

Here's some delicious mind candy for you. Is the Universe a Hologram?

Hua-Yen Buddhism teaches much the same; the whole contained in the parts and so forth. Not that I really know what I'm talking about concerning Hua-Yen, but I just happened to read the above piece immediately after reading a piece about Hua-Yen Buddhism in Buddhadhamma Magazine. Coincidence? Is that even a meaningful concept?

One detail from the Buddhadhamma piece; one Hua-Yen master built a shrine room with all six sides mirrored and a Buddha image suspended dead-centre. Damn, I want one of those!


Anonymous said...

That was delicious. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Craving has also arisen in regard to that shrine room in myself.

e.m. said...

Yeah, there's some glitzy crap along those lines at the museum of religion in Taiwan. You get to sitdown in a glittery, relfective sphere and experience "the jewelled net of Indra" parable from the Hua Yen Lun in simulation.

However, the doctrine of the all contained in the one (viz. the one contained in the all) sure 'aint Theravada --and it amuses me not at all.

John Lockwood said...

Very nice. But I think, yes, coincidence is a very meaninful concept.