Nov 8, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS! all my American friends on starting the long process of getting your country back!


Anonymous said...

The process started long ago, believe me, it has been a very very long and active 5 years for me. This is just the fruition.

Anonymous said...

"Any talk of impeachment of president bush is off the table."
nancy pelosi

So what started?

Ajahn Punnadhammo said...


Yeah, I know. That's why I said "started the long process" instead of "got your country back." You've a ways to go for that.

Things may move out of Nancy's control. If any investigations start at all, they'll uncover so much rot that the process will become unstoppable.

At least, I'm still trying to be optimistic. This is the first good political news coming from south of the border for six years. Grasp that straw while you can, I say.

Anonymous said...

(Big Grin)

Most people fail to realize that to politicians what is said in public is nothing but a
School debate. A show & deceive. There Real world is about who Owns them
and what that owner wants from them . What is that thing about absolute power?

They call him James Ure said...

Thanks. Balance seems to be returning to the states. Hopefully we can stay on this political middle path for some time to come. Although, as we know well...everything is impermanent.