Nov 5, 2006

We Get Political Mail

From the comments to American Elections
No, no, no. You're going to be wrong. It'll be a thumpin', jumpin' Demo splendorama.
I sincerely hope so. Actually I think that the Democratic surge is so strong that they will take the House of Representatives, but I still think the Republicans will steal the Senate. They have to. If the Dems control both houses and start serious investigations, some of those guys will be looking at prison time. They won't let that happen.

As a side note, Canadians tend to be very tuned into American political trends whereas most Americans probably couldn't tell you who the Prime Minister of Canada is. Pierre Trudeau once compared our relationship to an elephant sleeping with a mouse. The elephant doesn't really care what the mouse does, but the mouse is keenly interested in every twitch of his bed-mate.

Anyway, I think most of us up here on the tundra are rooting for the Dems.


Unknown said...

I am Sparticus. I confess I am the chappy who wrote the words you quoted.

I don't think that it matters if it is only one house and not two that the Dems take; there will be investigations and oversight if the congress is controlled by the Democrats in either house. Indeed, I suspect there will be some legitimate oversight in the Senate the next couple years even if the Republicans remain in control.

The Republicans 'way back' is going to be through repudiating the current administration.

It is true, as much of a political junkie as I am, I lose touch with what's going on in Canadian politics, except when Quebec is threatening to secede. Then I try to imagine what America will look like with the new states of New Brunswich, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. As I see it, all their senators are likely to be Democrats!

As for Thunder Bay, we'll take THAT during the invasion.

Unknown said...

Damn. There are new polls coming out in just the last two days that show the Democrats' lead on the Generic Ballot shrinking rapidly.

It may be the good employment figures and Hussein getting sentenced to hanging has rallied the Elephant. Plus, Kerry reminding conservative voters what they hate about liberals -- their/our elitism and smugness.

The Democrats are forever outclassed at the game of manipulating the voters -- something I am both proud of and sick of.

Anonymous said...

Polls ALWAYS tighten before the election. The independent faction (or what is left of it) is wavering. The polls have tightened, but the Dems are still ahead.

No way to know how it'll turn out, it's all up to the Get Out The Vote game now. The House is a very reasonable target, the Senate we'll probably miss by a seat or two. Let's hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

The most resounding rejection of extreme republican and conservative politics in years.

-- National Sweep. Democrats take the national majority in the House, Senate, Governors, and State Legislatures. The only thing Republicans have left--Bush--still sports a sub-40% approval rating.

-- Democrats won bigger than Republicans ever did. Democrats look set to take the House, and with a larger majority than Republicans ever had during their 1994-2006 "revolution." We also won more Senate campaigns in a single cycle, 23-24, than either party has won since at least 1980.

-- Republicans shut out: No House, Senate, or Governor pickups for Republicans. That breaks every record for futility. No one can ever do worse than they did this year.

Doesn't mean that government is now purified of greed, anger and delusion, but the dynamics have certainly changed. More checks more balances and a new value driven progressive wing of Democrats trying to reform the way things are done at the top.

It's a good day in for Americans and it's a good day for all people.